Yes!!! Solar Activity, Just what I needed, a Sea Turtle head or a #3 on the Sun!Here is my shot of the Sun on 03-08-2015 a close-up of Erupting Sunspot 2297…I captured it from my backyard Observatory in Dayton, Ohio  with my Lunt 60mm/50F HA scope & QHY5IIL CCD Camera.

Emerging sunspot AR2297 has erupted again, producing its strongest flare yet: an M9-class explosion on March 7th at 22:22 UT. According to NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, it captured the extreme ultraviolet flash: and It ionized Earth’s Upper atmosphere causing radio Blackouts!!! I hope it keeps erupting for the next few weeks, as I will be in Alaska the rest of the Month for our Annual Aurora Photo Tour/Workshop!!!!

Best Regards,

John Chumack