Some of you may be familiar with the constellations or  have read Greek Mythology or even have seen the Movie “Clash of the Titans” The Great Warrior Perseus while Riding his “Winged Horse” Pegasus rescues his love Princess Andromeda from the Kracken!
I captured the Constellations of Andromeda & The Great Square of Pegasus. You can also see M31 The Andromeda galaxy & M33 Spiral galaxy at the bottom left. Also picked up some natural Air glow (Faint Green)(Not Aurora) through the Great Square.

I included an illustrated Version so you can see the names of the major constellation stars, and M31 the Andromeda Galaxy & M33 the Triangulum Spiral galaxy.
I captured these images on 07-25-2015 with my Canon 6D DSLR & 24mm Lens @ F4, for a 6 minute exp. on a tracking mount at my observatories in JBSPO, Yellow Springs, Ohio.

If you look East after 1:00am you can see these two Constellations just above the Eastern Horizon all this month.

Best Regards,
John Chumack