Saturn on 07-10-2015 from my backyard in Dayton, Ohio. Right now Saturn is about 857 Million miles from Earth, or 9.22 Au, or 1.28 light hours away.After rain & clouds for months…Actually the worst Spring/Summer I can remember as far as lack of clear skies…plus with Wildfires in Canada making the sky really not clear, even when there are no obvious clouds, I did finally get a couple of hours of clear skies after the front moved through! I noticed the seeing was decent, so I decided to cranked up the power with a Televue 5x Barlow, with my old orange tube C8 Scope & Qhy5IIL CCD camera, LRGB, 3200 frames stacked in Registax 6.

It is not as clean as I would like, but considering our usual poor seeing in the Midwest, it has nice color, & now that we are past opposition you can see the Saturn’s shadow starting to fall on the rings at top left, so I will take it while hoping for another good stable clear night soon!
Best Regards,
John Chumack