The Horsehead Nebula (also known as Barnard 33) is a small dark nebula in the constellation Orion. One of the most popular Nebula regions in the sky.
The nebula is located just to the south of Alnitak, the easternmost star of Orion’s Belt, and is part of the much larger Orion molecular cloud complex.
The dark Horsehead nebula itself is B33, or Barnard Dark nebula # 33 and red background gas is known as IC434 Emission nebula.
Just below and slightly left is the Blue reflection Nebula NGC2023,
and to the far lower left just below Alnitak(Zeta Orionis) is NGC2024 (Maple Leaf Nebula).
Capture Details:
Celestron C6 F5 Newtonian Reflector Telescope, Celestron Coma Corrector, Software Bisque MyT Mount, ZWO 294mc Cooled Cmos Camera, L-Enhance Filter,
ASI Air Plus via Wi-Fi to my I-pad, 25 x 2 minute subs, 50 minute total integration time from my backyard Observatory(bortle8) in Dayton, Ohio on 09-16-2022.
This image was just a quick test shot from back in September just before clouds rolled in and dawn was brightening up the sky.

Best Regards,
John Chumack