The Sagittarius Spoon with Dwarf Planet Pluto (14.1 Mag) crossing the star fields of Sagittarius.
The arrow points to the location of Pluto at the time of this photo.

Most astronomers are familiar with the Great Tea Pot of Sagittarius, just above the Teapot’s Handle is the Sagittarius Spoon or Ladel!

Also in the FOV are some very familiar deep sky objects, like….

Globular Clusters M22, M28, NGC-6717,

Open Star Clusters M25, M18

Emission Nebulae M17 The Swan or Omega Nebula

& M16 The Eagle Nebula

M24 The Sagittarius Star Cloud, also awesome in binoculars!!

Modified Canon 40D DSLR & 50mm lens @F5.6, ISO 1600

for a Single 4 minute exposure

while tracking on a CG-4 Mount.
Dark frame applied via DSS.
I Captured this image at my Friends Farm in Dexter, Iowa on June 29, 2014 around 3:50am

Note: NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft is now less than a year

from Pluto, this time next year we all should be seeing our

very first close-up views of the Dwarf Planet Pluto!!

Best Regards,
John Chumack