Clavius – Lunar Impact Crater – an extreme close-up view.


Clavius is one of the largest crater formations on the Moon, and it is the second largest crater on the visible near side.

Clavius crater is 144.4 miles(231km) across, and 2.18 miles(3.5km) deep.

The floor of the crater forms a convex plain that is marked by some interesting crater impacts.

The most notable of these is a curving chain of craters that begin with Rutherfurd in the south,

then arc across the floor in a counterclockwise direction forming a sequence of ever diminishing diameters.

From largest to smallest, these craters are designated Clavius D, C, N, J, and JA.


I captured this extreme close-up from my backyard observatory in Dayton, Ohio on 09-09-2020

C-11 SCT telescope, 3x barlow,(F29), QHY290M Cmos camera, 700 frames stacked.

Best Regards,

John Chumack