Comet Atlas c/2020 R4 on 05-06-2021 @ 03:25 U.T.

Comets are one of many things that orbit our Sun…
I captured this image of Comet Atlas c/2020 R4 last week.
I had to battled patchy clouds until midnight or so, but was able to take this single 5 minute shot of the Comet with my 102mm & QHY183C  Cooled color Cmos Camera when it was in the constellation Canes Venatici on 05-06-2021 @ 03:25 U.T., I wish I had a little bit wider field and clearer skies that night, as it would have been cool to capture the Comet passing the Hockey Stick & Whale galaxies, that were just out of the field of view.
The comet was shining at magnitude 10.5 and had bright nucleus and about a 4 arc min Green Coma, and was 0.5 AU from the Earth at the time.
I was happy to capture this Comet in between holes in the clouds. The Comet should be fading rapidly & moving into the Constellation Leo as well as twilight and Strong Moonlight, making it difficult to see after the 22nd of May of 2021.


Best Regards,

John Chumack