The Comet was absolutely beautiful to watch through my Fujinon 10×70 Binoculars last night, the Green Coma was very noticeable. Although it has dimmed a little bit it is still naked because now it sits a bit higher in the western Sky now. We watched from 10:15pm until 11:30pm , until it got too low in the City lights of Fairborn…so I wrapped it up and went home to look at my data..I had lots of city light gradients in my image which made it very difficult to process the light Pollution out..but managed to get something of a keeper out of it.

Comet NEOWISE c/2020 F3 on 07-17-2020, captured with Green Coma around Nucleus, and the white Dust Tail and Blue Ion Gas tail, shot from Enon/Fairborn Area, Ohio, at 10:38pm EST (02:38 U.T.)
Canon 6D DSLR Camera, Sigma 150 -600mm lens, set to 150mm at F5.6, on a AVX tracking Mount 7.5 minutes total exposure ISO 1250, 18 x 25sec stacked in DSS, Nebulosity, Maxim DL, Pixinsight and Adobe CS.

Best Regards,

John Chumack