My first decent Saturn of the Season…not bad for 834.89 Million miles from Earth. It was sharp last night!
I just couldn’t sleep last night, something was telling me to go look at Jupiter and Saturn…so I decide to do some planetary imaging from my backyard in Dayton, before I went to shoot the Comet again early this am…I was happy to see we had decent seeing for a a little while before the clouds rolled in over Jupiter & Saturn around 2:30am….but not before I got a set of nice LRGB images of Saturn… Seeing was very steady wish I could have had time to get a full set of Jupiter LRGB, but clouds love to mess you whenever things are going good! My old orange tube C-11 Telescope,…my second oldest telescope..but has very good optics, and my QHY5III290M cmos camera, no barlow just prime focus, Bisque MYT Mount,…and decent seeing.for a change. Fire-capture Ser Video capture, LRGB 4800 frames stacked, Autostakkert, Registax6, MaximDL, and Adobe CC 2020.  Magnitude: 0.13, Diameter: 18.38, Resolution: 0.22″, CM: CMI=199.2° CMIII=4.8°
Best Regards,
John Chumack