Gum 1 Nebula, NGC2327, IC2177, Sh 2-292, & VDB 93 reflection nebula – Part of the Seagull Nebula Complex, this close up of the head of the Nebula(NGC2327) was captured in a 4 hours total exposure (12x300sec) 60 min RGB + 90 min(18×300) H-Alpha + 90 min(18×300)OIII filters.

C6 Newt Reflector Scope & QHY183C & QHY183M Cmos cameras from my backyard in Dayton, Ohio on 12-26-2020 and 01-04-2021. The small circular(PN looking) object just to the  left of  Gum 1 is a faint part of the Nebula as well.

Gum 1 or The Seagull Nebula Complex is located at 3,653 light years distance.

Also, below is a link to my wide angle shot in broadband visible light from back in 2008 of the entire Seagull Nebula Complex in the Constellation Monoceros which sits close to the border of Canis Major.

To see my wide angle shot of the entire Seagull nebula region taken back in 2008….


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John Chumack