M110 (NGC-205) The Andromeda Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy (Dwarf E5 class)
A satellite of the Great Andromeda Spiral Galaxy, it is gravitationally bound to M31 Andromeda Spiral.
The big glow in the upper right is the Great Andromeda Spiral galaxy’s core that is just off the field of view.
M110 The Dwarf Elliptical is located at 2.674 million light years from Earth. Put this up full screen and explore.
It Shines at Magnitude 8.92, and the length is 22 x 11 arc-minutes or approximately 17,000 light years across.
There are some little dust lanes features at the Center of M110, which are visible.
I am always pleasantly surprised every time I Image with this 4 inch APO scope, the combination of these megapixel/tiny pixels(2.4 micron) cooled Cameras with 4 inch this Triplet APO and
long exposure with excellent tracking/auto-guiding, and decent seeing when we get it, gives me very pleasing results.
I love that even with a 4 inch diameter scope that I can Zoom in and see these faint 16th to 18th magnitude background galaxies that were captured.
I included a higher res cropped view, to help you see these smaller fainter galaxies.
Lower left is a faint 16th magnitude Spiral known as PGC 2314, and lower right is an edge on spiral galaxies known as PGC90494 shining at 17.57 magnitude.
There are at least 6 tiny background galaxies as well., one of them is buried at the top of M110. See if you can find the others.
125 minute exposure(25 x 300sec subs) 2 hour and 5 minutes, taken with an Explore Scientific 102mm F7(FCD100) Triplet APO Refractor & QHY183C Cooled Cmos Camera, Bisque ME Mount, my usual Processing in DSS, Pixinsight & Adobe CC2021, I captured this from my Observatories in JBSPO, Yellow Springs, Ohio on 01-12-2021.