Jupiter on 09-19-2023
I got up at 4:00am this morning to get a close-up image of Jupiter while it was nice and high in the sky.
it turned out the seeing was decent for a change. I got some nice Jovian cloud top details!!!
Target=Jupiter, Date: 190923, Time: 090647 UT,
Mag: -2.73, Diameter: 46.32″, Res: 0.10″, Az: 197.30, Alt: 64.44,
Phase: 0.99, CM: CMI=163.7° CMII=290.0° CMIII=315.7°,
Camera: QHY5III462C, Scope: C-11, FL: 6150mm, F-ratio: 21, 2x Barlow + ADC,
Fire-Capture Software, 2.8ms exposures, 60sec. SER Video File, Best 70% of 13,546 frames.
Observer: John Chumack, Location: Dayton, Ohio, Comment: very stable seeing for about 1.5 hours
Seeing: 7/10.

Best Regards,
John Chumack