Sorry its not JWST, but it is my most detailed shot of Jupiter yet this season.
We don’t get many good Stable Air (seeing) here in the Midwest, but it doesn’t keep me from trying, I was shocked that it turned out,
as most of my imaging Session was like looking a pot of Boiling water, but there were moments that Jupiter popped right in with nice Cloud Top details.

Now the planets have cleared my neighbors trees by early morning, I can start capturing more images.
I’m using my old Orange tube Celestron C-11 Telescope (30+ years old), and it still produces nice views.

Target=Jupiter, Date: 190822, Time: 081117 UT, Mag: -2.79, Diameter: 47.38, Res: 0.08″, Az: 177.68, Alt: 51.97, Phase: 1.00,
CM: CMI=279.2° CMII=187.3° CMIII=107.6°

Camera: QHY5III462C, Scope: C-11 SCT, C-Max Barlow, ADC, FL: 7100mm, F-ratio: 25, Bisque MyT mount,
Best 5800 frames captured in Fire-Capture Software, Autostakkert, Registax6, Adobe Raw CC 2022.

Best Regards,

John Chumack