I really have been fighting this Canadian Fire Soot Haze…for the last two months, but finally got a shot off of Jupiter this week, during a few early morning hours of thinning haze.
In my recent image Jupiter is showing a Wolf pack of White Ovals, below the Southern Equatorial belt/Southern Zone of the Jovian cloud tops. (NON GRS side of the planet)
White ovals can change their shape, migrate through the atmosphere, jostle each other for position, and even eventually merge with each other. Despite all of this, white ovals have been known to survive for 40 years or more in Jupiter’s atmosphere. That means they are much younger than the Great Red Spot, which is at least 400 years old, but much older than any cloud feature found on the Earth.
The clouds circulate around the center of the oval, much the way a hurricane circulates around the eye. That is, ovals are known as anti-cyclonic systems the same way that a hurricane is considered to be cyclonic (circulating around). In the southern hemisphere, air in anti-cyclonic systems spins in the counter-clockwise direction. Air is also rising, just like inside a terrestrial thunderstorm.
July 27,2021 , Time: 050642 UT,
Mag: -2.80, Dia: 48.05, Res: 0.08, Az: 140.61, Alt: 28.57,
Phase: 1.00, CM: CMI=139.6° CMII=129.0° CMIII=306.1°,
Camera: QHY5III290M, Mount: SB MyT,
Scope: C-11, FL: 7100mm, F-ratio: 25,
ZWO ADC, ZWO Filter wheel, Astronomik RGB, 25ms exp., Fire-Capture Software, 2300 SER frames stacked, Autostakkert3, Registax6, Adobe CS.
Observer: John Chumack, Location: Dayton, Ohio, Comment: Seeing: 6/10 Coming and going,
Fire Soot haze present.

Best Regards,

John Chumack