Welcome to my “High Resolution Moon Week”
Are you ready for some sharp jaw dropping close-ups of the Moon? Please put them up full screen and Enjoy!
I will be posting a new Lunar close-up every day this week. Also Please comment if you like them….
These Images are all taken with my “COLO” Setup!
COLO = Chumack Observatory Lunar Orbiter aka Backyard Observatory.
(old orange tube C8 SCT scope, F6.3 & QHY5IIIL290M Camera), these are so close-up and detailed,
I may as well have been in orbit above the Moon.
All images processed in Autostakkert3, Registax6, PS CC 2020,
Fire-Capture Ser video files, 600 to 1200 sharpest frames Stacked.

This image is called “Looking for a Place to Land!”
The Moon Crater Plato (bottom), Plato is a lava-filled lunar impact crater on the Moon. Its diameter is 101 km (63 miles). It was named after ancient Greek philosopher Plato. It is located on the northeastern shore of the Mare Imbrium. Just north of Plato, Center is the Sea of Cold or Mare Frigoris,
Near the top center of the image we see prominent lunar impact craters, GoldSchmidt crater, and Anaxagorus crater.

Best Regards,

John Chumack