Day 2 of “High Resolution Moon Week” Pic #2
Are you ready for some sharp jaw dropping close-ups of the Moon? Please put them up full screen and Enjoy!
I will be posting a new Lunar close-up every day this week. Also Please comment if you like them….
These Images are all taken with my “COLO” Setup!
COLO = Chumack Observatory Lunar Orbiter aka my Backyard Observatory
(old orange tube C8 SCT scope, F6.3 & QHY5IIIL290M Camera), these are so close-up and detailed,
I may as well have been in orbit above the Moon.
All images processed in Autostakkert3, Registax6, PS CC 2020,
Fire-Capture Ser video files, 600 to 1200 sharpest frames Stacked.
Day 2 Image:
The Bay of Rainbows(Sinus Iridum) & Jura Mountains,
Sinus Iridum is a plain of basaltic lava that forms a northwestern extension to the Mare Imbrium (Sea of Rains) on our moon.
It is surrounded from the northeast to the southwest by the Montes Jura – Mountain range.
The Bay’s diameter is 154.72 miles across, and the Jura Mountains rises 3000 meters(1,875 feet) above the Bay surface. Notice the ripples in the surface of the Bay…resembles water entering a bay.
It would take you about 3 hours to drive across the bay in your 50mph Lunar Buggy!

Best Regards,

John Chumack