M31  The Andromeda Galaxy’s core region, where you can see dark dust clouds spiraling in toward the Central core…which is believed to harbor a massive black hole.

I love the fine details in this image..
The Andromeda galaxy is believed to have over one trillion stars in it, and toward the back edge of the galaxy in this image you can see many HII regions (faint red nebula) and a large numbers of young hot blue Star Cluster. There is plenty of star formation happening in the Great Andromeda Galaxy. There are numerous globular Star Cluster and many massive older stars that hover around the central core, thus giving that intense bright glow!!! The Great Andromeda Spiral Galaxy is located at 2.5 million light years away and is considered to closest Spiral to us and is the Largest in our local group.

I am always amazed at what my current Cameras and telescopes can produce these days, I captured this close-up image from my observatories in Yellow Springs, Ohio with my Explore Scientific 102mm (FCD100) F7 Triplet APO Refractor, Field Flattener, Bisque ME Mount, and QHY183 C cooled color Cmos Camera, (18 x 180sec subs) 90 minute exposure.

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