Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction 12-21-2020,
The Planet Jupiter & The Planet Saturn get closer together per our line of Site from Earth…last time was over 800 years ago, so this is a very rare event for us Astronomers!  I’ve marked the moons positions to help you Identify them.
Just after the rain 2 hours earlier, the clouds started to break at JBSPO for about 15 -20 minutes, I had the dome open and the C8 scope tracking on Jupiter’s position waiting until the clearing line hit, I could see the clearing line on the visible radar, and sure enough the big sucker hole came over me long enough for me to nab a a few shots LRGB Jupiter & Saturn, with the ZWO 174MM cooled Cmos camera /EFW @ 108 FPS, ..and I also nabbed the Solstice Moon before the clouds got thick again.
Best Regards,
John Chumack