A Supernova in a Galaxy far far away..was discovered a few days ago…
Eight extra-galactic supernovae have so far been observed in M61,
making it one of the most productive galaxies for such cataclysmic events.

NGC4303 (M61) is a 10th magnitude Spiral Galaxy, now with another Supernova 2020 jfo
shining at 14.5 magnitude, located 52 million light years away in the constellation of Virgo.
Captured from my backyard in Dayton, Ohio with my QHY183M Cooled Mono Cmos Camera & C6 F5 (750mm) Newtonian telescope, Bisque MyT Robotic Mount, 66 minute exposure on 05-08-2020. Image scale is 0.47 arcsec/pixel.
I’m Grateful for my Dome for wind & cold protection..as it was very windy and cold
last night, but I got to image all night long despite the wind & strong Moonlight.

Best Regards,

John Chumack