Maginus Crater and the Arrow head /spear head shadow feature
Maginus Crater can you spot the “Arrow Head” shadow feature?
When Maginus crater is on the Terminator line, right at lunar sunrise on the crater can see the crater floor partially sunlit creating the Arrow Head shape. Timing is everything when trying to see these rarely observed or captured shadow features.
Maginus is an ancient lunar impact crater located in the southern highlands to the southeast of the prominent crater Tycho. It is a large formation almost three quarters the diameter of Clavius,
194Km(121 miles) in diameter and 4.3km (2.7 miles)deep.
Capture on 08-27-2020 with my C-11 Telescope, & QHY5III290M mono Cmos camera, about 1000 frame stacked. Captured on 08-27-2020 from Dayton, Ohio.
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John Chumack