Mars was looking Fantastic early this morning on 09-06-2020, so far one of my best shots of it this year.
After watching the Moon and Mars close approach, I decided to grab some close-up shots of Mars, a lot of nice Martian surface details are visible in this image, The Arabia Terra, Syrtis Major Planum, The Arabia Peninsula(Terra Meridiani & Terra Sabaea), Hellas Planitia, The Southern Ice Polar Cap, and The Northern Polar Blue Haze. Thankfully no Martian Global Dust Storms to blur out the details.
Mars was 44.697 million miles from Earth and is still growing closer as we approach opposition in October.
Mars Diameter = 19.70″
Magnitude = -1.94
I noticed the seeing was decent, but the seeing still came and went every 20 to 40 minutes initially, but I patiently waited and it finally gave me the last hour or so of decent above average seeing, enough for me to use my 3x Barlow on my C-11 SCT telescope(8150mm (F/29), Resolution=0.07″ with the QHY5III290M Cmos Camera,
Bisque ME Mount. I used Fire-capture running at 70fps, save as SER video file, Autostakkert,Registax6, Maxim DL, Adobe CC.
Best Regards,
John Chumack