Saturn’s subtle changes..
Saturn back on July 19th, 2020 and now Saturn in Sept. 09, 2020,
I love the Subtle changes in Saturn in two months from Near Opposition(July) to Post Opposition(sept.)
Saturn’s shadow is now visible laying across the rings, also now that the planet is tilted a little more as seen from Earth,
the North Polar Hexagon is now a bit more visible, and the nothern polar region also has subtle feature changes.
As the rings tilt further down in its 14 year Ring plane cycle, it covers the Southern polar region of the planet.
Saturn is at 868 million miles away during this last photo. I capture these LRGB color images with my backyard Observatory telescope, C-11 SCT, MYT Mount, 3x barlow, QHY290M Cmos Camera.


Best Regards,

John Chumack