They may be tiny…but still interesting when I find these new objects to image and do some historical research on them!
NGC-1985 is a small, bright reflection nebula located in the Auriga. It was discovered by William Herschel on December 13, 1790.
It has an apparent Magnitude of 12.8 and its size is 0.68 arc minutes, rather small in size, but you can barely tell its there
visually as the faint star looks a bit funky/fuzzy!
NGC 1985 has been called a planetary nebula in the past, yes this object was misidentified as PLN 176+ 0.1, and appears in many
Planetary Nebulae Catalogs as well as planetarium programs, but is now generally accepted as a reflection nebula.
NGC-1985 is at the center of this image,
but there is also another Reflection Nebula nearby, that bright blue fuzzy star in the bottom right is actually a reflection
nebula,(Van den Berg catalog) vdB 45 and is seen around the star HD 245259 in the lower right.
Even Zwicky had accidentally cataloged this as a Galaxy, but we now know it is a small bright reflection nebula.
These two Nebulae are located just West of M36 & M37 in the constellation Auriga.
C8 SCT Telescope + QHY183c Cooled Cmos camera,
58 minute exposure.