Bright Star Sadr and The Gamma Cygni Emission Nebula Region (wide field)
Here is a nice capture with a 135mm Lens, of this large nebulous region in the Constellation Cygnus.
The region has many catalog numbers and common names assigned pieces of the Nebula.
Lynds Catalog of Bright and Dark nebulae, and many Barnard’s Dark Nebula
LBN-259, LBN-257, LBN-251 LBN-239, LDN 893, LDN897, LDN-892, The Butter-Fly nebula IC-1318, The Propeller Nebula DWB-111, The Tilapia, The Sphinx, are all in this shot.
Several nice open Star clusters are visible as well like M29, Herschel H56-8, and IC-1311.

Bisque MyT Mount, Samyang 135mm Lens at F4, ZWO294MC Cooled Cmos Camera, L-Enhance, 41 x 2 minute subs, 82 minutes total integration time.
Captured from my backyard observatory in Dayton, Ohio on 08-12-2022.

Best Regards,

John Chumack