M45 Pleiades “The Seven Sisters” Star Cluster in Taurus, Mel22, Cr42, also known as Subaru…note the Automobile Logo. M45 is a young hot blue Star cluster located 444 light years from Earth, it spans 17 light years across. You can see these hot stars easily with the unaided eye, even better in Binoculars, the Star are actually moving through this Large reflection Nebula region in the Constellation Taurus.
I captured M45 with an Explore Scientific Carbon Fiber 102mm F7 Triplet APO Refractor, Field flattener & Canon 6D DSLR for a 28 minute exposure at ISO 3200, on a Bisque ME Mount. Another quick test from back on September 20, 2020.
Best Regards,
John Chumack