NGC4647 Spiral galaxy with type 1a Supernova(sn2022hrs) and its neighbor Elliptical Galaxy M60, The Supernova is now shining at Magnitude 12.5,
NGC 4647 is an intermediate spiral galaxy estimated to be around 63 million light-years away in the constellation of Virgo.
The Galaxy is 90,000 light years in diameter and shines at magnitude 11.94. What blows me away is that the Supernova (a massive star)
when they explode(thermonuclear) they can outshine the entire Galaxy made up of billions of stars. That is a crazy energy release!!!
The Galaxy NGC4647 was discovered by astronomer William Herschel on March 15, 1784.
The Larger Elliptical Galaxy on the right is M60 or Messier 60.

Every once in a while a supernova goes off in other galaxies and can be visible across our universe.

My FOV was 22 x 17 Arc minutes, slightly cropped after stacking, 1.0 arc sec per pixel resolution.
6 Inch diameter F5 Newtonian telescope, ZWO 224M uncooled Cmos Camera, ASI Air capture via my Ipad,
176 x 30 second subs, or 88 minutes total integration time on 04-27-2022.


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John Chumack