Here is my latest Saturn, not bad for 838 million miles from my backyard observatory here on Earth.
When the seeing improves you have to go for it…even if it only last for a few minutes.
I love getting a closer look at Saturn’s Cloud tops and Ring System
Target=Saturn, 3 min. SER, 85.3ms exposure, 18fps average, Gain 52%
Date: 200821, Time: 041313 UT to End(UT)=041651.992, Mag: 0.27, Diameter: 18.42, Res: 0.16, Az: 176.05, Alt: 31.36, Phase: 1.00, CM: CMI=46.1° CMIII=65.1°,
Camera: ZWO ASI224MC, 2x barlow, Scope: C-11, FL: 4800mm, F-ratio: 17, Observer: John Chumack, Location: Dayton, Ohio, Comment:
Best 1700 frames stacked, Seeing: 7/10 for the first few minutes, then sadly the seeing went unstable but I did get a few nice images taken. My usual SER capture via Fire-Capture, post Processing Pipp, Autostackkert, Registax6, AdobeCC 2021.
Best Regards,
John Chumack