The Sun in H-Alpha Light with a massive Sunspot/Active region 3590,

the Sunspot is 7 Earth Diameters long and continues to grow today.

This Active region released 3 X-ray Class flares to date…with more expected from this region.

The Sunspot is easily  visible to your eyes, if you use your Safe Solar glasses that you may have bought for the upcoming solar eclipse.

Take a look with those solar glasses all this week if you have clear skies.

Capture details:

Lunt 60mm/50F H-Alpha Solar Telescope, BF-12, Bisque MyT Mount, QHY5IIL Uncooled Cmos Camera, Fire-Capture Software, SER Video File,

700 Frames stacked in AS4, Registax6, Adobe Raw CC 2024.

Captured from my backyard observatory in Dayton, Ohio USA on 02-25-2024 18:08 UT

Best Regards,

John Chumack