Its galaxy Season again!!!!
M86 and M84 The Virgo Galaxy Cluster Core – A close-up and is part of Markarian’s Chain of Galaxies.
M86 and M84 Elliptical Galaxies are the two brightest members visible in this image,
also visible are “The Eyes” – NGC 4438, NGC4435 galaxies….there are at least 85 galaxies in this image with magnitudes ranging down to 19th mag.(PGC 40492).

I captured this 395 minute image over 4 separate nights in Jan and Feb 2021.
I used my Explore Scientific (4″ diameter) 102mm F7, Triplet APO Refractor, Bisque ME Mount, and QHY183C OSC cooled Cmos Color Camera.
Exposure time was 395 minute, 6.58 hours total integration (79 x 300 sec. subs)

There are two Messier Galaxies, M84 & M86
4 Index Catalog (IC) Galaxies
9 New General Catalog(NGC) Galaxies
70 Principal Galaxy Catalog (PGC) Galaxies

The Virgo Cluster is a large cluster of galaxies whose center is 53.8 ± 0.3 Million light years away in the constellation Virgo.
Comprising approximately 1300 member galaxies, the cluster forms the heart of the larger Virgo Supercluster, of which our Local Group is a member.

The supercluster we live in is known as the Virgo Supercluster. It’s an enormous collection of more than a million galaxies,stretching across a region of space 110 million light-years across. Our Sun is just one member star of the Milky Way Galaxy, and our Milky Way Galaxy is part of a collection of galaxies known as the Local Group which includes M31 The Andromeda Galaxy, an M33 Spiral as well as many other smaller galaxies.


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