Do you Want a Comet For Christmas?Well here is Comet Catalina C/2013 US10, A close-up tracking on the Comet’s Nucleus for 60 minutes, you can see the several Ion Tails top, and the Bottom right the Dust tail. QHY8 Cooled Color CCD camera, my Homemade 16 Inch Diameter Fork Mounted Newt. Scope, 12 x 5 minute subs, tracking the comet’s Nucleus. The comet is shining at about 5th magnitude, Easy Binocular object, look for the Green fuzzy ball between Bright Stars Arcturus & Spica all this week & Next.

I captured this Early Sunday Morning 12-20-2015 from 10:22 U.T. to 11:22 U.T., Cold 27 F & Perfectly clear all night, then at 5:00am when the comet was high enough to see in the SouthEast, this high cloudy crap came in, forcing me to shoot through terrible High thick cirrus clouds. Dogging Clouds, by pausing auto guiding, until they passed. Its not my best, but I managed to clean it up somewhat, Also took some wider field shots through the 5.5 inch Newt. & DSLR’s Lenses too, those will come later this week.

Best Regards,
John Chumack