Comet 62P/Tsuchinshan passing through the background galaxies in Virgo
02-04-2024 (08:24 UT) 03:24 am LT(yes, I pulled an all night run after a month of cloudy weather)
Shining at about 9.2 magnitude and dropping,
you can see the comet with a bright Nucleus, nice green Coma(~8.00′ arc min) and sporting a small dust tail(~12′ arc min) as it passed between The Siamese Twins Spiral Galaxies NGC-4567/NGC-4568 (left edge) and a Lenticular galaxy NGC-4578 on the right.
The background Galaxies are about 55 million light years away, but the comet is relatively close by, actually in our solar system at a distance of 74,850,088 kilometers from Earth.
RASA 8 inch F2 Scope, ZWO 294MC cooled Cmos Camera, AM5 Mount, ZWO L-Quad Band, Filter, EAF, ASI Air Plus,
via Wi-Fi to Ipad, 4 x 300sec subs, 20 minutes total integration time, Stacked DSS, Pixinsight, and Adobe Raw CC 2024.
Captured from my observatories at JBSPO in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Best Regards,
John Chumack