Happy New Year to everyone, and thanks for your continued support over the year 2020,
Please blow this up full screen, It is my final image of 2020 with the 102MM scope…so lets go out with a bang!
Please comment if you like it. Stay Safe out there!
M42 & M43 The Great Orion Nebula Complex
Captured with my Explore Scientific (4″)102mm F7 Triplet APO (FCD100) Refractor telescope, Astro-Tech Field Flattener, Bisque ME Robotic Mount, & my QHY183C (OSC) Cooled Cmos Camera (-20C) Unity Gain for 72 minutes total exposure via 12 x 300 sec subs and 12 x 60sec subs. PHD2 & QHY5IIL, 60mm guide scope, Calibrated and Stacked in DSS, processed in Pixinsight, and Adobe CC 2021. It took me 8+ hours of careful image processing time to get all the detail and subtle colors out this final image. It was captured from my observatories at JBSPO, Yellow Springs, Ohio on 12-09-2020.