Here is my Extreme Close-up of the Fetus Nebula.

NGC-7008 Planetary Nebula in Cygnus, A dying star that is blowing off its outer atmosphere, also called the Fetus Nebula.

It shines at 12th magnitude and is located 2,800 light years away from Earth.

C-11 Telescope F10, Bisque MYT Mount, ZWO 224MC Uncooled(very small chip) Cmos Camera, ASI AIR WIFI Capture,

I used a “Lucky Imaging” method, visible light only, 90 x 20sec subs, 30 minute total exposure integration time.  No Crop, original FOV.

Captured on 06-18-2022 from my backyard observatory(Bortle 8) in Dayton, Ohio. Seeing wasn’t the best but went for it anyway.



Best Regards,

John Chumack