NGC2022 is a really nice 11.6 visual magnitude planetary nebula in the Constellation Orion, visually and photographically appears tiny,
with an apparent size of 28 arc-seconds, and a halo extending out to 40 arc-seconds. This Dying Star is in the process of blowing off its outer
atmosphere, and small stars like our Sun await a similar fate.

This is a double-shell planetary nebula with a wind-compressed inner shell and a more nebulous second shell.

The linear radius of the inner shell is estimated at 0.326 ± 0.039 light years
NGC2022 is located 8,200 light years from Earth, the central star is 15.92 magnitude which can been seen clearly in my photo.

NGC 2022 nebula lies 11° away from the Galactic Plane, which position suggests it was formed from a low mass star.
The elemental abundances are similar to those in the Sun, although carbon is about 50% higher and sulfur is a factor of two lower.

Captured 11-09-2020 from my Backyard Observatory in Dayton, Ohio with an 8inch SCT telescope, QHY183MC Cooled Color Cmos Camera, and Bisque MYT mount, 5 minute exposure.

Best Regards,

John Chumack