The Propeller Nebula, AKA Simeis 57 = DWB 111 & DWB119 = MRSL 479

Not much is known about this object…but it is located in star rich region of Cygnus the Swan or the Northern Cross.

The brighter propellers are visible visually in an 18″ diameter scope from a dark location…but the rest is so faint you likely won’t be able to glimpse it visually, but long exposures will show the rest of it,

I will try this again for a much longer exposure, this was shot from my backyard in Dayton, through high thin clouds for a good part of the full moon night, So will give it another go sometime in the future..

Its not too bad, considering the poor conditions I had, and it shows the Propeller well, but more data is needed to pick up the rest of the fainter gas filled region & dark nebula.

C6 F5 Newt. Scope & QHY183M Bi Cooled Cmos camera bin 1×1, ZWO EFW, 2.5 hours in bi color, H-Alpha, OIII, OIII, mapped out to RGB.
No Auto-guiding was need, My mount tracks well enough for the 2 minute subs, I was limited to 2 minute subs, due to the sensitivity of the Camera, city lights, and Full moonlight, plus the high cirrus haze, all this can easily overwhelm the sensor and as well as saturate the brighter stars.

Best Regards,

John Chumack