The Sun in Hydrogen Alpha Light showing Sunspots & Filaments, Sunspot/ active regions 3411, 3405, 3403, 3409, 3407.
I captured this close-up on 08-20-2023 centered on the activity while the seeing was good that Sunday morning.

Capture details:
Date: 200823, Time: 143203 UT, Camera: QHY5III290M, Scope: Lunt 60mm/50F Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope,
BF1200, Single Stack, Fire-Capture, SER video file, 100FPS, 1.044ms exposure, 760 out of 871 frames stacked in Registax6,
Observer: John Chumack, Location: Dayton, Ohio, Comment: no fire/smoke, excellent transparency, Seeing: 8/10.

Best Regards,
John Chumack